Build a Better World Challenge

Build a Better World Challenge

MODS is excited to announce the Build a Better World Challenge, to design solutions to some of our most pressing issues of climate change and resiliency! The Challenge is open to students (ages 12-18) in South Florida and the winning design will receive a $5,000 grand prize to fund their project.

South Florida is ground-zero for the effects of climate change. We must address climate change at its source, while adapting to remain resilient to the impacts of increased extreme weather, heat, flooding and sea level rise.

Participants in the Build a Better World Challenge will use innovation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to create solutions which address climate change and its impact. 

The top 5 projects will be selected in advance. The finalists will present their inventions before a Shark Tank-style panel, judged by leaders and innovators in South Florida’s business community. Inventions will be judged based on creativity, innovation and real-world relevance. Entries should consist of a project outline (Word or PDF document, no more than 5 pages) and a slide presentation (such as PowerPoint, no more than 15 slides) and should include the following: 

  1. Introduction and need statement: identify the issue(s) which the project addresses. Why is it important and relevant? Provide data and analysis as applicable to support the need. 
  2. Project description: 
    • Objectives and scope: explain what your project accomplishes related to the above need. Is your project an invention, program, policy or something else? 
    • STEM research and methods: explain how your project is supported by STEM-based evidence. What methods did you use to reach your findings? Provide data and analysis as applicable. 
    • Innovation: What makes your project innovative and perhaps better than others?
    • Real-world relevance: describe how your invention will address real-world problems. How and why is it valuable to our community? 
  3. Implementation scale, scope and cost: explain how your project will be used locally, regionally or globally. What do you anticipate the cost would be to apply your project within this scale and scope? 
  4. Conclusion: briefly summarize your project. What are the major takeaway items you want the judges to remember?
  5. Works cited: be sure to provide citations for any sources you use. 

A Virtual Workshop to be held to provide additional guidance. The date and time are to be determined. 

The deadline to submit proposals is Thursday, December 1, 2022. Completed proposals should be emailed to

Do you accept the challenge? 

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